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Vintage Short Sleeve Tagless Black and Cream Dress

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Here is an incredible vintage dress. 100% poly and made in the USA. Jet black skirt section with creamy, off white blouse section. Black and tan stripes across the chest. I call this one the "Parisian Crossing Guard". But I'm a dork. One small button at the back of the neck. Matching black belt. A little on the sheer side, especially the blouse section. Sleek, stylish, and sophisticated. It feels like there might be elastic at the waist, but if there is, it's shot. In otherwise amazing shape with lots of life left! The tag says size 16, but here are the exact measurements. (be sure to reference the last photo to see how I measure dresses) Here are the measurements: Bust 20" Waist 19" Hips 23" Sleeve 7 1/2" Length 44"