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Vintage Long Sleeve Striped Dress by Sally Lou

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Here is an adorable long sleeve dress by Sally Lou. Feels like mostly or all polyester, and made in the USA. Purple background with delicate striping of black, white, blue, and maroon. Three buttons on the left shoulder, and three on each cuff. Matching belt, which is having some issues with the plastic backing cracking where it was obviously used a lot (see pic 4). The dress itself is in wonderful condition. Fairly sheer, light weight, and soft. Years of life left on this beauty! The tag says size 10, but here are the exact measurements. (be sure to reference the last photo to see how I measure dresses) Here are the measurements: Bust 19" Waist 11" (elastic here stretches to 18") Hips 30" Length 42" Sleeve 22"