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Vintage Long Sleeve Plaid Dress by Artbro

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Here is a gorgeous long sleeve dress by Artbro. Most likely a poly blend. Wonderfully colored plaid with red and yellow accents. Ten buttons down the front, with a button on the right cuff (left one is sadly missing). The fourth button from the bottom is also missing. If you can't find one to match, I'd replace it with the very bottom button, or the very top. Seems unlikely either of those would ever be in use, especially the top. The bottom hem seems like it's come undone in a few spots (see pic four). Easy fixes for someone handy like that! There is also a built in cloth belt. Small shoulder pads are present. Fairly light weight, soft, and super comfy. It's in amazing condition with years of life left! Here are the measurements when laying flat:

Bust: 16"

Waist: 14"

Hips: 22"

Length: 53"

Sleeve: 23"