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Vintage Long Sleeve Dress by Joni Blair

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Here is a wonderful long sleeve dress by Joni Blair. 100% acrylic, and made in the USA. Hip looking gray color throughout, with a super funky black and gold belt. The front is currently fastened with a safety pin, which I'm guessing is not original. I don't see that a button or clasp was there originally, so maybe the previous owner just took it upon herself to add a pin. Huge shoulder pads present but easily removed. The fabric is fairly sheer, but has a little weight to it. It's got the feel of super soft flannel sheets. Incredibly comfy! It's in amazing condition with years of life left! The tag says size 9, but here are the exact measurements. (be sure to reference the last photo to see how I measure dresses) Here are the measurements: Bust 18" Waist 10" (elastic here stretches to 17") Hips 28" Length 50" Sleeve 18"