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Vintage Long Sleeve Black Dress by Positive Attitude

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Here is a classic long sleeve dress by Positive Attitude. Feels like mostly polyester, and made in the USA. Jet black fabric with a timeless, sophisticated shape. Hidden pocket on each hip and a ten inch zipper at the back. Extra fabric at the neck creates a nice detail. Soft, comfy, and versatile. It's in amazing condition with tons of life left. The tag says 5/6, but here are the exact measurements. (be sure to reference the last photo to see how I measure dresses) PS I think my womannequin is a little too small to do this one justice. Doesn't look great on her, so the pics are a little underwhelming. If the measurements are in line with yours, I think it will be much more impressive! Please note that there is a bit of give in the fabric, so you can comfortably add an inch or so to all the measurements. Here are the measurements: Bust 18" Waist 11" (elastic here stretches to about 18") Hips 30" Sleeve 23" Length 47"