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Vintage Handmade Skirt, Blouse, and Jacket Set

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Here is an adorable little handmade set! I'm calling it 60's, but it could easily be earlier than that. The fabric feels like cotton, has a medium weight to it, and is a deep maroon. The jacket has gorgeous flowers embroidered across the bottom of the front. Skirt has a zippered back, and there was meant to be a button above it, but it's missing. The blouse is a sleeveless number with a zippered back. Someone did a marvelous job with this one way back in the day. It's all in really great shape with years of life left. Here are the exact measurements. (be sure to reference the last photo to see how I measure dresses) Here are the measurements: Blouse... Bust 23" Armhole 8" Length 19" Skirt... Waist 19" Hips 24" Length 24" Jacket... Bust 23" Sleeve 16" Length 19"